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125.5. Ten Things

Ten national days of recognition relevant to your life

1. Father's Day
2. National Sons and Daughters Day
3. National Plant a Flower Day
4. World Mental Health Day
5. International Coffee Day
6. Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month
7. International Drum Month
8. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
9. Celebrate Bisexuality Day
10. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

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5 and 6 just made me LOL despite waking up feeling like I've been hit by a truck.
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Because it's no big deal. They don't need to worry. I'm going to have to object, babe. I need the bathroom. I also may need your help getting to the bathroom, so we have to meet on middle ground on this one.
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Maybe I am. But for what it's worth, I have no urge to shit in a plastic box and scratch my claws through it. Babe, I'm okay. Bit banged up and bruised, but I'll live.