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128.5. 10 whatever the fucks

Ten national days of recognition relevant to your life

1. National Nude Day
2. National Sex Day
3. National Tattoo Day
4. National I Love Horses Day
5. National Weed Day
6. International Whores Day
7. National Beer and Pizza Day
8. International Day of People With a Disability
9. Bisexual Awareness Week
10. Dyslexia Empowerment Week

+ KIP PRYOR (oc)

(ooc) because clearly i'm a sheep and want up in this fun shit :P
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ooc: who doesn't like a good sheep following? :D

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How did you get your mom to sign the authority for ink?
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right back atcha, lovey! just keep writing, writing, writing! you doing nano?

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You weren't worried about infections and stuff? I want one, but Mom and Dad won't let me. Fin has a couple, but his Mom let him.
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<3 i volunteer to be a reader guinea pig!

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Yeah, I know. But I get why you did. I don't know. Lyrics or something. Fin's got a horseshoe on his hand, and a cute little cartoon horse on his hip. He got them after winning some riding comps.
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For being messed up over my accident? Never. It is cool. I love it. Who's Jace?
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Don't sweat it. We're making up for lost time now. Just because you feel like a dumbfuck doesn't mean you are one. Wow, he sounds so cool. How did he get the brain injury? Does it make him sick a lot?
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I don't know about amazing, but I'm pretty proud I came out of it without a chip on myself or a douchebag. I mean, I wouldn't have a boyfriend like Fin if I was a d-bag. He would've told me to go fuck a cactus. Will you take me to meet him?
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ooc: bitchpls, like you weren't gonna be in on the sheeping!

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Dude, I gotta say... I like the way you think.
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what evil genius secrets? i know nothing!

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Awww, and you don't invite a dude along? Man, you really know how to hit me where it hurts. :P
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what plans? you're so sweet and innocent!

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Well... There was that. But a one-time deal only. We could have a lot more fun than that.
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then, out come the claws!

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Pure virginal innocent, huh? Then I'm the fuckin' pope.

So do you wanna go out with me?
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the claws bring the fun with them!

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Well, I gotta admit that's true. I don't think there's a fucking pope, though.

I'm planning on it. Unless me and you got real different ideas of what makes a date worth your while.
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If I could never fuck, I'd probably want to make other people miserable, too. :P

Nah, I don't think so. If you could go on any kind of date, what kind of date would you want to go on?
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That's true. Sexual frustration isn't really a good reason to be a dick. But it's hard not to be when you've got blue balls.

I don't really do pretentious shit either. What if we just go for burgers and then we can chill together? I'm not hard to please. It kinda sucks not having my own place where we could just chill and not have other people around.