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Sawyer Robert Bennett ([personal profile] tattoosonthistown) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-10-02 11:49 pm

128.5 || Ten Things

ten national days of recognition relevant to your life

1. Marine Corps Birthday
2. Veterans Day
3. Father's Day
4. Mental Illness Awareness Week
5. National Personal Trainer Awareness Day
6. National Sons and Daughters Day
7. LGBT History Month
8. Military Family Appreciation Month
9. Freedom from Bullies Week
10. National Kids and Pets Day
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We should have pizza and cake for every single one of these.
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Dad. Please. It's PIZZA. Of course I do.
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Don't be basic. You're supposed to be cool.
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You're not getting off that easily. Until you're on viagra and have false teeth, you're still expected to hold a cool quota.
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You're missing National Doctor's Appreciation Day. Or is that every day now?
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You know how to make a daddy's girl happy, dude.
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So, what's your next move?
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That's a pretty big step. Nope, he very much isn't. I was a sounding board for him one day when we went for ice cream and he just exploded "WHY IS EVERYONE IN SUCH A RUSH?!" That was also the day he hugged every horse on the carriages that go around Central Park.
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Lotta good shite there t'be fuckin' proud'o, mate. Glad ya' got time now with ya' kid. Nothin' more important in the world than that.
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Cherish e'ry minute with him. It ain't always easy, but bein' a dad's the best thing I ever done.
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That's it right there. So many fuckin' parents these days don't take the time t'know their kids, let alone be so fuckin' proud o'how amazin' they are.

None. Kid's a shell. Ain't brain dead, so that's somethin'.