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Detective Euan Fitzpatrick ([personal profile] lovesguinness) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-10-04 10:59 am

127.5. Ten Things

Ten promises to a loved one

1. I ain't breakin' any promises I made to ya', kid.
2. Whatever it takes, we got ya' back.
3. If ya' keep hangin' on, I'll be here for ya' when ya' come back t'us.
4. We ain't judgin' ya' screwed up choices.
5. There's ways out, we just gotta find 'em.
6. Ya' ain't alone.
7. Shit does get better.
8. I ain't angry 'cause ya' fucked up.
9. Ya' always got us as ya' family. No matter what.
10. I'm gonna make the bastards who got ya' in this mess pay.

Euan Fitzpatrick (Original Character)

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