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133.5.1 - list

Ten hopes for the future.

Time to revise this list already?

1. To continue to have an amazing relationship because I've finally found someone I love more than my career.

2. To have a strong 2017 season. It probably won't compare to this year but there's no reason it can't still be a success.

3. That things won't be awkward in the race shop with Josef and Peter coming aboard, and Juan not being here. We've built a great organization and I want to keep it that way.

4. That things won't be awkward and painful now that my dad isn't around.

5. To avoid getting hurt or hurting anyone else because I really don't want to break another guy's arm even if he did come after me first.

6. To continue to learn new things outside of racing. Maybe I'll go back to playing the piano.

7. To make more friends outside of racing.

8. To eventually master the pain in my ass that is strawberry cheesecake.

9. That eventually, I'm going to be a wife and a mother and that person telling the kids to get off my lawn.

10. That Hinch wins Dancing with the Stars. Hey, I can hope for someone else, right?

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