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Caprice "Reecy" Chester ([personal profile] headingforsomething) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-11-19 03:56 pm

133.5. 10 Things

Ten hopes for the future

(1) To not be knocked up A white Christmas
(2) Love that doesn't hurt A beautiful content and loving relationship
(3) A partner I still get butterflies thinking about Get married, maybe
(4) To not look in the mirror and only see fat My career to keep thriving
(5) The loneliness to cease Always have my friends near
(6) Dad to remarry My dad to know true love can strike twice
(7) Jude to keep his promises Love, all around me
(8) To never turn into a selfish, self-focused twat Cherish life, cherish people, cherish selflessness
(9) To never lose myself again To have the strength, no matter what life throws at me
(10) Justin to not take his own life My boy to find peace and get that sparkle back in his eyes

Reecy Chester
{ Original Character }

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