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134.5. 10 Things

Ten things you are shamelessly addicted to

1 - Watching the IndyCar races with Dad
2 - Facebook
3 - Red Velvet Krispy Kreme
4 - Musicals
5 - eBay
6 - Yahtzee app
7 - Old music stores
8 - Eating Nutella out of the jar
9 - Netflix
10 - Winning at Ellen's Heads Up

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OMFG!! I love IndyCar! Wasn't last year's winner fucking AWESOME?!
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He seems like he'd be so nice in real life, too, and he has a Twitter for his DOG!! Really? Dude, are you in New York? Because I don't have friends who watch IndyCar really.
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Yeah, we can't either right now. Maybe when I'm older and have my own place. My whole family lives in a big apartment together. Me and my big sister and her wife, and my... Clitty and his husband. He's my sister's best friend and he's kind of like a brother to me. My sister's preggo and her wife has breast cancer, so we have to be real careful with things around the house. YOU MET HIM?! OMFG! OMFG! HOW?! That's cool! Just visiting then? Yeah, for sure. We watch movies and stuff like that. Just not a lot of sports. It's too bad you don't live around here. You could go to my school. There's a ton of us that go there. Only my boyfriend doesn't, because he's at Joffrey.
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I can have a fish or a turtle or something. A guinea pig might be okay, too. What does she look like? Well, I mean, my immediate family isn't huge, but we have a big extended family. No, his name isn't really Clitty. It's Clint, actually, but everybody always calls him Clitty. Wow. I'm really sorry. Is she going to be okay? You got to hang around with Indy drivers? Dude! I'm totally jealous! I'm sorry you have assholes at your school. My school's really nice and there were some bullies there, but they got taken care of. Yeah! It's ballet. I'm like... the total opposite of ballet, but I love watching him do it, because he works SO hard, and he's one of the best. He only just turned 16, and he's already in the... Concert Troupe, I think? I forget what it's called, but it's really important.
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OMG, she's so cute!! Yep. He's cool with it. Most people call him that more than his real name. I'm really sorry to hear that. It must be awful to have a friend sick like that. You're in New York with her? Who's your dad?! They really can. Why are they picking on you? I try to be awesome, but my sister is pretty pissed at me right now because I tried to forge her signature to get a tattoo. Do you have brothers or sisters? Oh my god, you have no idea. SO many boners. O_O
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Well... sort of more like family to us. He's also the biological dad of my nephew or niece who's on the way. Wow. That must be really hard for you. I mean... to have someone you love talking about the end of their life that way. Seriously? That's one hell of a best friend. ♥ Wait. Your dad's Martin Stanford? I remember my dad telling me about that wreck. He was a big fan of your dad's and your granddad's. Oh, yeah. It's a miracle I'm even allowed on the internet. I'm pretty grounded, though. And I have to walk around with a half-finished tattoo until I'm 18. My parents had my sister, and I came WAY later, so I didn't grow up with sibs close to my age. I do, and it's a lot of fun. To be honest, I always thought ballet was stupid until I saw what goes into it, and... you know... tights. What do you like to do besides watch races?
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OMG, dude, you have no idea how excited! My sister already had one baby, but he's not my nephew. Not exactly I mean. She was a surrogate for two of her friends... Angel Shaw's twin brother and his husband. They had the cutest little boy, but I'm not really his uncle so much. This baby's gonna be for real my niece or nephew. I'm really sorry. It must be awful to be losing your best friend. If you need a hug while you're in New York, I promise my boyfriend won't mind. It sounds like you could use all the hugs. My dad isn't going to believe me that I talked to you! When it's done, it's gonna be the NYPD shield with the words, "My sister, my hero" on it, because my sister's a police officer with the NYPD. Only even though it's ink for her, she still won't let me finish it. Yeah, we've been dating a while now. He came to New York to live with his big brother because his ex boyfriend was a dick and made all the kids at school pick on him... but also because of the Joffrey thing. Why are you scared to sing? I'm a terrible singer... Like TERRIBLE, but I still do it loud and proud, even if Justin tried to hide the SingStar mic from me at the last party. What kind of teacher? Music?
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I think so, too. If any of my lesbian friends ever wanted to have babies when I grow up, I'd help them. My mom says the same thing. I think it must be a mom thing. I'm sure it is. I can't imagine losing my best friend, but especially in a way like that. A lot of friends wouldn't know how to stick around. Yeah, he likes it, but he's not in the City, so I don't get to watch with him. My sister is my guardian so I could stay in the City and finish school at my school. Oh, yeah! It's really hard. I watch Harry do it and just can't imagine the work he's done. Oh, wow. That's hardcore stage fright there. Makes a lot more sense why you wouldn't feel much like doing it in front of people. Yeah? Like the little guys and girls?