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Isak Gunnar Cederström ([personal profile] isak_cederstrom) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-12-05 02:36 pm

MR #134.5 | Ten Things

Ten things you would do on perfect day for you.

In Manhattan
1. Wake up without an alarm, whenever I felt like waking up.
2. Go for breakfast at my favorite place, Hů Kitchen.
3. Explore a market, street fair, or event I haven't been to before.
4. Eat lunch at Gramercy Tavern, where I would get their three-course option and order: Sunchoke & lobster with sea urchin vinaigrette, striped bass, and the chocolate & chestnut ganache crisp.
5. If I'm in the area, grab a Magic at Bluestone Lane.
6. Go for a long bike ride and/or hike in Central Park, or drive to a place with good trails.
7. Get dinner at Toloache where I would eat a disgusting amount of food.
8. Drinks with friends at any of the local establishments.
9. Head back to my flat with friends for more drinks and food.
10. Watch the sunrise of the following day from the rooftop before passing out in bed.

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