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Paxton Dayne Carlyle ([personal profile] englandrocks) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-01-12 11:36 pm

137.5. 10 Things

Ten things you want to achieve in 2017

1 - To survive Kiss a Ginger Day without bruises this year
2 - To hopefully succeed with my modelling career
3 - To come to like New York
4 - Try to tackle homesickness for London without wanting to run home
5 - Maybe meet someone special and fall in love
6 - Inject some time into a charity
7 - Never forget to keep in touch with my family back home
8 - More quality time with my BFF
9 - Not get a big head doing the job I do
10 - Make more friends here in New York

Paxton Carlyle
Original Character

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