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Amarlie-Rose Satori ([personal profile] innocenteyes) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-01-15 02:42 pm

138.5. ten things

Ten things you wish you had done

1 ~ Found my mom sooner
2 ~ Been a bit more tactful when I first met Justin
3 ~ Said no to the cockwaffle I gave my virginity to
4 ~ Punched a certain ex of my brother's to see how he liked it
5 ~ Worried less about fitting in
6 ~ Not procrastinated about finding my other family
7 ~ Not chickened out on skydiving
8 ~ Not gotten so angry when I found out I was adopted
9 ~ Given more, it doesn't matter what
10 ~ Not doubt my talents

Amarlie-Rose Satori {Original Character}

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