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Melody Jane Winters ([personal profile] magicmelody) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-02-20 12:57 pm

141.5. ten things

Ten wishes

1. To one day find my Soul Mate
2. That my partner in crime is gifted peace
3. That my main man falls in love so hard, his heart sings
4. That my ladies find happiness
5. That love truly wins
6. That LGBT+ people can enjoy as much PDA as they like without fear
7. That all artists with a creative soul learn to cherish their gift as their most important asset
8. That the world stops being so fucking miserable and remembers how to laugh sometimes
9. That the cockwaffles of the world get their heads lodged permanently up their asses and realise no one else's identity is their job to define
10. That kindness kills conflict

Melody Winters ~ Original Character

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