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Zelda Georgette Webster ([personal profile] sweetsoulsister) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-02-24 01:33 pm

142.5. Ten Things

Ten reasons to live

1 - Family first forever
2 - Being both a big sister and a little sister is awesome
3 - Working to save lives is the best job
4 - To see my baby brother "walk" up the aisle at his wedding
5 - Because Krispy Kreme exists
6 - Who else will punch assholes who hurt the people I love?
7 - I still have career goals
8 - I want to find love again, one that consumes me and excite me
9 - I want to see Wills as King
10 - I can't die until Game of Thrones finishes

Zelda Webster
Original Character

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