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Det. Grace Hollingsworth ([personal profile] orthodoxies) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-03-31 07:10 am


Ten ways you want to better yourself.

1. Find a romantic partner that I can trust completely, instead of wondering what else he never told me.
2. Get a fresh start in another department where people aren't always looking at me like I did something wrong.
3. Apologize to my mother and my grandfather.
4. Move all of the things I don't need out of my apartment and into storage.
5. Finally make Global Elite in Counter-Strike.
6. Consider talking to someone about everything I've been through.
7. Learn how to cook.
8. Get a new hobby to help with my nerves (other than cooking, which will probably just increase them).
9. Figure out what I'm going to do with that new bed I just bought.
10. Discover a way to make peace with my not knowing the truth.

Grace Hollingsworth / OC

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