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Clint Z├ęphyr Chevalier ([personal profile] privateinvestigations) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-04-02 12:47 pm

144.5. Ten Things

Ten things you want to say to someone

1. Sorry you ended up with me as a fucking twin
2. I'd literally fucking die for you
3. I think you're the best father any fucking kid could have
4. I'm fucking proud of you for what you survived
5. I hate that we lost our whole fucking lives not knowing we're brothers
6. Please never have a fucking sex injury, because this twin sense thing fucking sucks
7. If you ever need a fucking kidney, I'm there
8. Sorry I couldn't protect you from the fucking shit that still harmed you
9. We're gonna be fucking okay. Promise.
10. I fucking love you, alright?

clint chevalier
original character

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