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Quote of the Day 027.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - Audrey Hepburn

Amarlie had gone along to the jeweller with Justin when he was having Sasha's birthday designed from scratch. Like she wanted to miss that. She knew it wasn't an engagement ring or anything, but it was a significant gift for Justin to be giving to Sasha, his way of thanking him for loving him and showing him how much he appreciated that they were a team. This was her little brother doing something adorable, and she wanted to share that moment with him.

While she was there, she found her own musings about how life had changed so much for her lately. A lot, she was still trying to understand. She was working on figuring out her place in the world now, and she was cherishing that process. It hadn't been perfect. Not by a long shot. There was plenty she wished had gone a different way, but if it had, then she wouldn't have made it to this place. This place felt right, so she knew she had to trust in the process.

It was sitting watching Justin work with the jeweller, trying to explain why he wanted what he did, that Amarlie started to get an idea herself. She had left Justin to do his thing when she noticed it was a pretty personal process him, and she started to explore the jewellery boutique. A lot of it was unbelievable expensive, but they were custom-made one-of-a-kind pieces. She had flagged down one of the sales clerks and asked them if they could do a specific kind of piece, because it didn't seem like the same sort of stuff they had here.

But they had, and she had sat down with one of the other staff members who sketched out what she wanted. But she hadn't ordered it straight away. She got cold feet about how it would be received. Maybe it would be too much, too soon. Maybe it was dumb. Or cheesy. She asked for a copy of the design and promised she would make up her mind within 48 hours. If she didn't come back or contact them to proceed, they would assume she didn't want it. That made for a couple of long days of self-doubt where she carried the sketch around with her, and kept stealing some quiet moments alone to look at it. Right before close of business on the second day, she called them up and told them to go for it.

She picked it up before they were due to drive upstate to the beach house for Spring Break. She had been packed the night before, always more organised the guys were. Sitting alone at the kitchen table with a cup of tea, she opened the little velvet box it had come in so she could see it again. Nestled inside was a silver and black cuff with a name plate. Down the side of the plate was a channel row of tiny emeralds, her birthstone. Engraved on the name plate was DAD, est. 2016 and then beneath that in a small script, Congratulations - It's a girl!

Smiling, she traced her finger over the lettering. She was nervous about it, but excited at the same time. She couldn't explain why she wanted to do this for Kai, beyond the fact he had just been so sweet since he had learned she existed. He wanted to know her, and he wanted to spend time with her. They hit it off so easily, and she could see parts of her in him. She could see where some of his genes had transferred over to him. It meant the world to her that he stepped up and told her that if she wanted to get to know him, and wanted him in her life as her biological dad, he was there for her.

And she did. The smile was still playing on her lips when she closed the box and put it in the little gift bag. Justin's grandparents said they would happily deliver it for her while she was away. They would have a few days to themselves with some time to kill. Dory was going with them, so they didn't even have the furball to take on her morning walks. She tied the bow on the bag neatly and with care, and left it there for them to take when they went out.

Life had changed so much, but for all the confusion it had caused, she knew the people who belonged near her now and she didn't want to lose them.

Amarlie-Rose Satori {Original Character}

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