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145.5. 10 things

Ten things people falsely assume about you

(1) That I'm somehow a loser delinquent because I have tattoos
(2) That I should have some fucked up past or daddy/mummy issues because I have tattoos
(3) That I'm a drug addict because I have tattoos
(4) That if I'm in a rock band, I can't have had a normal upbringing
(5) That because I'm not the lead singer, I desperately want to be the lead singer
(6) That I don't really play the guitar and it's just a prop
(7) That rock is the only music I should like
(8) That I'm related to the Queen because I'm British
(9) That I've got a dick piercing
(10) That every performance is booze-fuelled

brant fox
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This is exhausting just to look at.
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Yeah, no wonder. Talk about uncreative stereotypes. You think they'd get new material. I'll sign myself up for a couple of addictions and tell my mom to take up gambling next time I get my next ink done. Do you at least drink tea? No.
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No shooting up in the school bathrooms? It was all he could keep down while he was detoxing. I might have converted him. Don't apologise, you couldn't have known.
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At the school you went to? The age-old magical skill of telling him he would end up hospitalised if he dehydrated. It's some sorcery. Twice, actually. But it wasn't Cruz I was talking about.
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So, you have siblings? Yeah, he had respiratory distress. As soon as it became a medical emergency, it was out of my hands. Now, twice that night I met him. Just because I got him off the ledge, didn't mean he stopped wanting to do it. Don't, it's okay. I lost my best friend to suicide when I was 15.
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Tough gig being the youngest? I don't think he knew how to talk about it, or wanted an audience going through it. I did, yeah. This stuff is reopening old wounds. But I do know how awful it would have been for you. Were you able to debrief about it with anyone?
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No, I have twin brother too. Brody's a lot younger than us, so we're pretty protective of him. It's common to feel all those things to try to make sense of it. But suicide is senseless. It's the power a broken mind can sometimes have. That's going to make you feel worse, you know. Demons dance to alcohol.
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Darius. He's here with me. Do you mind if he comes buy and picks Cruz's things up? I just feel like I should have them with me. Well, I love him. I'd it all over again. No, dude. That's the thing about genuine suicidal intent. You would have had to have been chained to him. You'll feel worse before you feel better.
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Darius will have to go back for work, but I'll stay. I'm taking personal leave. He was. He just fell off the wagon.
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We're working on what it is. It's a work-in-progress. We're still learning each other. No, I know it was the drugs. They just had to be in his reach. No pushing would have been necessary. He was already battling with crippling cravings. His moods were volatile.
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He is, I know. And I've only just scratched the surface. He changed my life in ways I didn't even know they needed changing. It's not uncommon in overcoming polysubstance addictions. The body has to recalibrate without substance as a crutch. It's why there is such a huge relapse rate. It's hard to battle.
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I don't write anyone off as stereotypical anything. Because I think stereotypes are fucking abysmal veils people hide behind to justify their judgement and prejudice. But that basic concept aside, I love him. Real love doesn't fold at the first hurdles. He's ill. That's all.
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You've known about his true sexuality for awhile, right? I remember him mentioning the band knew the truth, despite what PR contracts he was locked into.
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You hooked up with him? You're gay too? He's talked to me about that side of things, even if there's a lot he hasn't opened up about yet. Which is okay. He's got to be ready to.
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It could be. It wouldn't have helped. But he already had legal advice on suing for an unconscionable contract. From what I knew of it, they wanted to settle out of court so it didn't create waves and give him leeway to come out publicly with the PR company's support. But only if he agreed not to stay hush about the prior contract.
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Since when do drugs instil rationality? He made these decisions sober.
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Once drugs become an addiction, dude, you can no longer blame environs for their consequences. It's an illness. It needs treatment, just like an illness. He's polysubtance, it's a long road he needs to travel. I know he doesn't feel strong enough.
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He did, yeah. At the last hurdle when the withdrawal started to hit. I know it was a big step for him.