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146.2. Quote

"Count your blessings, not your problems." - Unknown

Times like this, Lewis was grateful to have a large extended family. Lorenzo understandably held firm on wanting to stay at the hospital to see Clint as soon as he could, and also meet their new nephew. Richie was going to bring him home afterwards, so Lewis could finally take Holly home. She was exhausted and didn't want to be put down. It was late morning, but everyone had been up all night. He didn't care about the time, he needed to get their daughter down to sleep, whatever tactics he needed to enlist to manage it.

Holly was clingy and upset. She cried again when they left the hospital once she realised her daddy wasn't coming with them. It wasn't the hysterical screaming anymore, but the big blue teary eyes and trembling lip got Lewis every time. Ideally, getting Holly into her own bed would probably score parent points, but he wouldn't try to upset her after the trauma she had been through by putting her down alone in her room. The first thing he did was take her into the shower with him. She had been working up sweats with all the sobbing, and the warm water always soothed her.

It wasn't a long shower. He made sure to not prolong getting them dried off and into some clean pyjamas. He already made sure all the blinds were drawn and only a couple of lights were on through the apartment. He was a little worried, because she wasn't talking. She might not say a lot in general, but she hadn't said anything since all this happened. Richie checked her over, because she adored her Uncle Richie. He seemed to think there were some signs of shock there. He said getting her home to rest was the best thing right now, but to keep a close eye on her. Kids weren't as resilient to shock as adults were. He would see how she was doing when he brought Lorenzo home later.

Holly was starting to cry softly again. "Are you tired, sweetie pie? Daddy's here. He's not going to let you go..." Lewis murmured, rubbing her back. He made a quick stop in the kitchen to warm up some coconut milk for her in the microwave. He didn't know if it would help soothe her, but it was worth a shot. He poured a little into her pink Tinkerbell sippy cup and carried her through to his and Lorenzo's bedroom. He had already put the bedside lamp on, and it was casting a calming glow over the bedroom. He put her into the bed, and made sure there was a row of pillows stacked on Lorenzo's side of the bed so she didn't fall off.

She was watching his every move with those big sad eyes of hers. There was a level of separation anxiety there, but that was okay. She was only two and she didn't understand any of this. She also hadn't slept longer than ten minutes on and off here and there at the hospital out of sheer exhaustion. He had her in a little light cotton onesie to sleep in and she was cuddling her fluffy pink bunny blankie. One of its ears was more worn and discoloured to the other because she carried it around by the same ear for as long as Lewis could remember.

He checked his phone for any messages and then turned the volume down. It still had vibrate on, so he would hear if it rang. He crawled into bed, and cuddled Holly up to his chest so he could pick up a rhythm of gently stroking her hair. He had contemplated reading a story to her, or even putting the TV on in the background down low. Mostly, he just wanted to try to get her to sleep. He watched her drinking the milk, her eyes not leaving him eve if they were getting heavy. She was so like Lorenzo. Always had been. Lately, her hair had darkened and started to curl at the ends. She had long dark eyelashes, but the features of a little doll. Lewis wondered if Clint's son would bear any resemblance to Holly, or if he would end up looking more like Angela.

She didn't finish the milk. She didn't even get halfway through before she was giving the sippy cup to him. He put it on the nightstand near his phone and kissed her hair. It didn't take long. Once she was warm and secure cuddled up with him, she curled her fingers around the collar of his top with her head tucked under his chin. Moments like this made all the hard stuff so worth it. He wondered if the birth of the new baby would have Lorenzo feeling like he wanted another again. They talked about it briefly, but ultimately, no decisions had been made after they discovered Lewis was well and truly infertile from the past chemotherapy. It was surreal how everything could change in a moment, and he hoped the new parents found the experience as rewarding as he did. He was living breathing proof that you didn't have to genetically create a baby to love them just as if you had.

Lewis Sheldon ~ Original Character

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