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PROMPTS // 147.

( 1 ) Muse prompts: LYRICS (500+ words, first or third person)
- "Life's like a road that you travel on
When there's one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend and sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind."
Life is a Highway, Tom Cochrane

- "You've been living life in the past
I'm gonna reach out I'm gonna grab your heart
You've been living life in the eyes of a stranger
You've gotta free your mind
Cause I want to get nearer."
Future is Promises, Texas

- "I picture something, it's beautiful
It's full of life, and it is all blue
I see the sunset on the beach, yeah
It makes me feel calm
When I'm calm, I feel good."
The Freedom Song, Jason Mraz

( 2 ) Muse prompts: QUOTES (500+ words, first or third person)
- "You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life." - Unknown

- "God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts." - Sylvia Plath

- "It hurts because it matters." - John Green

( 3 ) First Person/Blog/Diary prompts (Private to just your muse, or Public for all to see - your choice)
- Battle Scars
- I'm Alive
- After Hours

( 4 ) Drabble prompts (100-300 words, first or third person)
- Resilient
- Rain
- Redemption

( 5 ) Ten Things (List)
- Ten things you need to say to someone
- Ten quotes poignant to your life
- Ten memories of little things you remember vividly

( 6 ) Picture Prompts

( 7 ) Misc/Random (Inspiration Quotes)
- "Just because my path is different, doesn't mean I'm lost." - Gerard Abrams
- "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there." - Unknown
- "Happiness is different from pleasure. Happiness has something to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing." - George Sheehan

For more prompts require single sentence responses (that can be used as RP conversation starters), see our LATEST PROMPT SET @ [community profile] musebysentence

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