02 October 2016 @ 04:01 am
128.5. 10 Things  
Ten words to describe your lover

1. Amazing
2. Sexy
3. Loyal
4. Beautiful
5. Kind
6. Smart
7. Patient
8. Talented
9. Sweet
10. Special

paris hart
original character
11 September 2016 @ 02:45 am
126.5 - 10 things  
Ten random facts about you

1. Flowers are one of my favourite things in the world
2. Rabbits are my favourite animal
3. So it goes without saying that I want a rabbit
4. I have identical twin brothers
5. I'm Jewish
6. I want to be a special ed teacher
7. Nutella is my favourite food
8. I have an irrational fear of heights
9. My favourite movie is Beauty & the Beast
10. I'm transgender

Cassidy Cohen

~ Original Character ~
11 September 2016 @ 12:41 am
126.5. ten  
Ten plans you have for the future

1. Not to kiss anyone else's husbands
2. Stop seeing double
3. Have a few shots
4. Find more ice
5. Also not kiss anyone else's wives, spouses, partners, significant others, etc.
6. Call in sick to work
7. Lie down. A lot.
8. Try to figure out what the fuck
9. More lying down
10. A vital apology

Zander Carlyle || Original Character
10 September 2016 @ 12:46 pm
126.5. ten things  
Ten random facts about you

1. I can put my foot up behind my head
2. I am an innie
3. I'm a vet
4. I'm a Type I Diabetic
5. I'm an expert in nudie runs
6. I'm a member of the Mile High Club
7. My favourite candy is Skittles (though in limited consumption)
8. I still have my childhood teddy bear called King Kevin (IDEK my kid brain)
9. My screen name is Sir Spanksalot
10. I've been in a coma

niko webster
- original character -
09 September 2016 @ 07:31 pm
126.5.2 - list  
Ten plans you have for the future.

1. Win at Sonoma.

2. Win the 2016 Verizon IndyCar Series championship. Yes, I know I've already done it, but I'll believe it when someone actually hands me the Astor Cup with my name on it.

3. Get Roger Penske to go crowdsurfing.

4. Go to Hawaii and spend an entire week on vacation, doing nothing that has anything to do with racing.

5. While in Hawaii, find someplace that serves funnel cake. Eat the funnel cake. Maybe more than one.

6. Spend more time with Chris that doesn't involve us trying to punch each other in the face. I hear Red Lobster is doing Endless Shrimp.

7. Count the number of third place trophies in my den. All billion of them.

8. Call Tobey at least once a week from now on.

9. Have another dinner party at the house. Because that's what I bought this house for. And because I'd like to overcome the embarrassment of the fact that I scorched the turkey last time. You know, there's a lot of food on this list.

10. Just appreciate how much success I've been having and remember as much of it as I can for the next time I think I'm not any good at this.

Shelby Manning
Need For Speed OC
Current Mood: good
03 September 2016 @ 07:05 pm
125.5. 10  
Ten private things on your mind

1. What the fuck?
2. Why the fuck?
3. Where the fuck?
4. How the fuck?
5. For fuck's sake
6. Fucking hell
7. Bloody fucking hell
8. Fuck my life
9. Fuck everything
10. Fuck everyone

clint chevalier
original character
03 September 2016 @ 02:21 pm
125.5. ten things  
Ten songs that can change your mood

1. I Want to Break Free / Queen
2. I'm Too Sexy / Right Said Fred
3. Thriller / Michael Jackson
4. Money for Nothing / Dire Straights
5. Everybody (Backstreets Back) / Backstreet Boys
6. Clocks / Coldplay
7. Never Tear Us Apart / INXS
8. In The Air Tonight / Phil Collins
9. Imagine / John Lennon
10. Shook Me All Night Long / ACDC

hunter alexander | original character
19 July 2016 @ 10:54 am
124.5. 10 things  
Ten things you currently love

1. My new relationship
2. Test driving friends turning lovers
3. Summer! Sunshine and warmth
4. Watching seriously ill kids still see fun in things
5. My two jobs
6. My family and friends
7. Romance and intimacy
8. Being a big kid and getting paid for it
9. Shedding the life blinkers and seeing things in a different light
10. Sex Cuddling

rhys meyer
- original character -
18 July 2016 @ 08:40 pm
124.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you're currently missing

1. My bros! Craving to have that Three Musketeers dynamic back.
2. Sex. Oh, man, I really need to get laid. Hard.
3. My folks. Still fortunate to get to see the frequently, though.
4. Owning a pet. May need to go kitten shopping...
5. Sugar binges. Le sigh. Fucking diabetes.
6. Having fun. GIMME FUN. Amusement park incoming.
7. Having a life. That college thing wasn't conducive.
8. Real chocolate fountains. That sugar-free one was a disaster.
9. Just hanging out and chilling. Never take that for granted.
10. Being mommed by Karla.

niko webster
- original character -
11 July 2016 @ 10:50 pm
123.5 || Ten List  
Ten Things You Love About Your Family

1. Being called "Daddy" by my son, Tanner.
2. Going to bed with my partner... and usually with our Tanner boy smooshed between us, because he's a cuddle bug.
3. The nights I come home from work exhausted, but always have enough energy for just one more bedtime story.
4. Having a mom who's always loved me and had my back, and now adores her grandson.
5. Having a dad who cares, even if he didn't always show it in the best ways.
6. The sassiness that is my sister going full bitch mode.
7. The sassiness of my big brother, too... Sass isn't limited to women.
8. My brother-in-law. I don't know him well yet, but coming home from work and seeing him playing with Tanner and talking to Quentin when Quentin didn't believe his family wanted anything to do with him is a really amazing thing.
9. The family that I chose to add on to the family that birth gave me. Luckily, I love both.
10. Love. Cheesy? Maybe. Cliche? Most definitely. True? Without a doubt.
06 July 2016 @ 09:23 am
116.5. ten things  
Ten questions you're asking yourself

1. Why is it always the most self-centred and self-entitled people who are the biggest whiners?
2. And why do said people think the whole world cares about their sloppy emo shitpile?
3. Why do most dudes who always tell you how huge their dicks are actually barely packing 4 inches?
4. Why are there so many bad pick-up lines still being used?
5. Why can't middle aged people see how bad their faces look with too much plastic surgery?
6. Why do people still think two dicks in a committed relationship means bad parenting is inevitable?
7. Why the fuck do people still think they have the right to dictate someone else's life and existence according to their genitals?
8. Why the fuck is there an assumption that people with tattoos are drugged up losers or Satan worshiping rapists?
9. Why does life seem to always drop things into your lap to make you question everything all at once?
10. Why do people think angels live in heaven when they actually walk among us?

Melody Winters ~ Original Character
05 July 2016 @ 10:53 am
122.5. 10 Things  
Ten experiences that changed you

1. Dad's cancer diagnosis
2. Dad's remission
3. Having my best friend, Sash
4. Losing Sash
5. My first face-to-face experience with suicide
6. Moving to New York
7. My first serious relationship
8. That turned to abysmal break-up central
9. Damn hard work to get the career I wanted
10. Meeting one particular incredible kid that made me think about my life

hunter alexander | original character
19 June 2016 @ 02:38 pm
121.5. 10  
Ten things you can't live without

1. Orgasms
2. Family
3. Amazing friends
4. Caffè macchiato
5. Chemo (I would be gone without it)
6. Porn
7. Acting
8. Laughter
9. Motorcycles with good vibration
10. Gelato

enzo emmanuel ~ original character
17 June 2016 @ 06:16 pm
122.5. Ten Things  
Ten memories of summer

1. Getting up to watch sunrises over Jacksonville beach
2. Running around farm yards in Tuscany
3. My first attempt at surfing
4. Building sandcastles with my sisters
5. The Great Sunburn Massacre of 2002
6. Huge Lorenzi-Matheson family picnics at the beach
7. Watching Harry Harry rehearse a dance on the pier when he was 8
8. Meeting Matty for the first time
9. Taking my newborn son in a baby sling to the beach for the first time
10. Benny's first sandcastle

Dani Lorenzi
~ original character ~
15 June 2016 @ 10:28 am
122.5. Ten  
Ten experiences that changed you

1. Losing my mother
2. Meeting my father and my sisters
3. My career booming
4. My first threesome
5. Moving to America
6. Eating New York pizza
7. My first standing ovation
8. "Coming out"
9. Being head-hunted for a role on Broadway
10. Meeting my lover

Matteo Lorenzi
original character
03 June 2016 @ 10:48 am
121.5 || Ten List  
Ten Things You Can't Live Without

1. My boyfriend
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Cuddles
5. Learning
6. Writing
7. Love
8. Chocolate
9. Quite nights in with Justin
10. Caring for my body
02 June 2016 @ 01:44 pm
121.5. 10 out of 10  
Ten things you can't live without

1. Being the meat in the sandwich
2. 3 peen for the price of 1
3. Chocolate Krispy Kreme
4. Romance and shit
5. King sized bed
6. Batman Snuggie
7. Red Bull
8. Glow in the dark condoms, that shit is hilarious in the dark
9. Hearing "I love you" from 2 hotties
10. Spooning

lee mckenna ( original character )
02 June 2016 @ 12:52 pm
121.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you can't live without

1. Fucking
2. Fucking
3. Fucking
4. Fucking
5. Fucking
6. Fucking
7. Fucking
8. Fucking
9. Fucking
10. Lincoln

clint chevalier
original character
31 May 2016 @ 09:26 pm
12.1.5. 10 Things  
Ten reasons to love

1. Tender kisses that give you butterflies
2. Sleepy early morning cuddles
3. A warm hand to hold on a cold night
4. Smiling until your face hurts
5. Forgetting to read the menu because you're too busy talking
6. Setting aside a whole day to find a perfect gift
7. Laughing at special inside jokes
8. TLC when you're not feeling well
9. Soft caresses just to maintain the physical connection
10. Knowing exactly why it's worth fighting for

Reecy Chester
{ Original Character }
31 May 2016 @ 08:48 pm
12.1.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you can't live without

1. My beautiful, strong and amazing wife
2. My baby daughter and new son
3. My twin brother
4. My brother-in-law and my baby nephew
5. All my family, all my friends
5. Music: playing, performing, writing, listening, teaching, mentoring, living, breathing
6. Sleep when the brain and body crashes
7. Sloppy toddler kisses
8. Being surrounded by selfless people
9. An healthy sense of humour
10. Intimacy and affection

Angel Shaw // Original Character
30 May 2016 @ 08:29 pm
12.1.5. Ten Things  
Ten reasons to love

1. Companionship
2. Cuddles and kisses
3. TLC
4. Romance
5. Happiness
6. Shared dreams
7. To have a family
8. Lovemaking
9. Laughing together
10. To not have to fight alone

Dr. Sam Campbell
Original Character
10 May 2016 @ 11:54 am
120.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you're pleased with right now

1. That I have a huge cock
2. The view of my husband's ass
3. Shitting Game of Thrones fans off by telling them I think it's crap
4. Owning a prostate
5. Porn on TV
6. Hacky Sack
7. Sacks in general
8. Slinkys
9. Not being a Kardashian
10. Pissing dumbfucks off just by existing

clint chevalier
original character
03 May 2016 @ 10:13 am
120.5. Ten Things  
Ten little things you love about life

1. Sloppy kisses from my beautiful little lady
2. Being called "dada"
3. Seeing my husband wearing his wedding ring
4. Family, and everything about them (this is a big thing, but IDGAF)
5. Slow, sweet sex
6. Dressing my baby girl in pink - fuck the haters on gender-neutral preaching agendas
7. Dipping Oreos in really hot, sweet coffee
8. Hugs and kisses
9. Flowers: giving, receiving, arranging
10. 5 O'Clock Shadow on my man

lorenzo chevalier
- original character -
28 April 2016 @ 11:19 pm
120.5 || Ten Things  
Ten Little Things You Love About Life

1. My sons' smiles
2. My little brother's texts and calls
3. Riding General
4. My last name
5. My own name on my bank account
6. My job
7. Seeing my little brother with his new boyfriend
8. Toys in the living room floor
9. Having short hair
10. The locks on my doors
04 April 2016 @ 01:06 am
119.5. Ten Things  
Ten messages to someone special

1. Thanks for coming meet me that day on the farm.
2. You talk in your sleep, but it's totally cute.
3. Is it weird I worry you get cold feet?
4. I love that we already have a list of movies to watch together.
5. When you smile and hold my hand, it's one of my new favourite things.
6. I want to learn everything about you.
7. I don't think I believed in kismet until now.
8. It took me two whole hours to decide what ringtone I wanted for you.
9. I believe in all the things you don't about yourself.
10. You're The Best Cuddler Ever.

# Finlay Bennett | Original Character
14 March 2016 @ 10:44 pm
118.5. Ten Things  
Ten concepts/mantras/affirmations you try to live by

1. Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.
2. Chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on.
3. Don't love anything that can't love you back.
4. Everything I need is already within me.
5. Know when to give up and have a Martini.
6. Stay true to yourself.
7. I am my own superhero.
8. Kind people are the real miracles.
9. Practice what you preach.
10. Choose life.

oakley vance
original character
29 February 2016 @ 12:25 am
117.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you find special

1. My little boy
2. Being a mommy
3. Sloppy little boy kisses and cuddles
4. My family
5. My rewarding job as a Child & Family Attorney
6. My Italian heritage
7. Being a twin
8. Being surrounded by kind and beautiful friends
9. My son's laugh
10. Life

Dani Lorenzi
~ original character ~
28 February 2016 @ 01:59 pm
117.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you find special

1. Family
2. Dance
3. Beaches
4. Dolphins
5. Hugs
6. Kisses
7. Friends
8. Books
9. Talent
10. Strength

harry matheson
- original character -
12 February 2016 @ 12:59 pm
116.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you enjoy about Valentine's Day

1. Wedding Anniversary!
2. Special dates
3. Picking the perfect present
4. Flowers
5. Everything has cute love messages, love reading the cards when choosing one
6. Slow dancing
7. Tattooists get to do some of their best and most personal work
8. Florists get bonuses for their hard work
9. That it's a day to just be cheesy and sweet with the person you love
10. That you get to see others enjoying being cheesy and sweet too

Jace Hartley ► Original Character
12 February 2016 @ 12:41 pm
116.5. Ten Things  
Ten questions you're asking yourself

1. Why me?
2. Why does New York smell funny?
3. Why is clothes shopping so painful?
4. Am I really just dumb?
5. Can I figure out a way to fit?
6. Will I ever not hate being in a city?
7. Can you really die if you live on nothing but McDonalds?
8. Why do the fruit and veggies here taste like plastic?
9. Is this scared feeling ever going to stop?
10. Why is the legal system so fucked up?

# Finlay Bennett | Original Character
01 February 2016 @ 10:33 pm
115.5. Ten Things  
Ten photos that snapshot your life

1 - 10... )

# Finlay Bennett | Original Character
27 January 2016 @ 10:33 pm
114.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you want someone you love to know

1. I love you.
2. I dreamed most of my life of having a son, and I never once dreamed of a kid as amazing as you.
3. Every day of my life, I've wanted to be with you, watching you grow.
4. I know they say that kids want to make their parents proud, but I want you to be proud of me more than I can say.
5. I look forward to doing father/son stuff with you... All the things I should've done with you all along.
6. Knowing that you're sleeping under the same roof as me fills me with happiness that I don't think I could even begin to explain.
7. I want to go and visit Arkansas with you someday and see you ride your horse... maybe you can even teach your old man how to ride.
8. If any dude ever breaks your heart, I know how to kill him and make it look like an accident.
9. When you were born, I got pissed off at the nurse when she took you back to the nursery, because I wanted to hold you longer.
10. I had your picture in my helmet the whole time I was in Afghanistan... When I woke up in the hospital, one of the nurses had put it by my bed. I looked at that picture every day, and I swore that I'd come home to you one day.

Sawyer Bennett original character
28 January 2016 @ 01:13 pm
114.5. Ten Things  
Ten things you want someone you love to know

1. I don't hate you
2. Gay is what you are, not who you are
3. I do hate that you weren't there
4. I maybe once told a bunch of kids my dad was a super spy undercover
5. But even then, I still thought a Marine was way more cool
6. I'm allergic to coconut, so you might want to write that down somewhere
7. I'd only care if you had one leg if your heart had been in the missing one
8. I will beat you in Trivial Pursuit every single time
9. I'm glad you finally understood I wasn't lying
10. You're my hero

# Finlay Bennett | Original Character
26 January 2016 @ 04:38 pm
114.5 Ten Things  
Ten things you worry about.
And here we go )
Fabian Malstrom | Original Character
14 January 2016 @ 12:56 pm
113.5. Ten Things  
Ten things important to you in friendship

1. Drunk dials are permitted
2. Ability to lament tales of bad hook-ups
3. All levels of conversation necessary, from the highly intelligent to wondering how snails have sex
4. Reciprocal pride for happiness and success
5. Always there when you're having a shit time
6. Knowing they will always be there, no questions asked
7. Laughing at dirty jokes
8. Wanting to painfully murder anyone who hurts them
9. Their family is your family
10. Knowing how to perfect the art of making grilled cheese when you're hungover

enzo emmanuel ~ original character
14 January 2016 @ 09:36 am
113.5. 10 things  
Ten things that comfort you in hard times

1. Fucking
2. Hitting things
3. Shooting things
4. Booze
5. Weed
6. Hard rock
7. Smokes
8. Long drives in fast cars
9. Not talking to idiots
10. Extensively mocking dickheads

clint chevalier
original character
12 January 2016 @ 11:10 pm
113.5. Ten Things  
Ten things that comfort you in hard times

1. Hugs
2. Disney movies
3. Homemade chicken soup
4. Gummi Bears
5. Knowing it's okay to cry
6. Being reminded of happy memories I've forgotten
7. 90s sitcom marathons
8. Listening to my favourite music
9. Hanging out with Ty
10. Going home to where I grew up

Jeremy Peterson | Original Character
09 January 2016 @ 11:04 pm
113.5. Ten Things  
Ten things important to you in friendship

1. Laughing together
2. Supporting each other
3. Knowing it's okay to be sad with them
4. Hugs when that happens
5. Doing fun things for the hell of it
6. Loyalty
7. They've really got to love my family
8. Enjoying the differences, not just the things in common
9. It'd probably help if ballet didn't bore them
10. Getting each others bad jokes

harry matheson
~ original character ~
05 January 2016 @ 10:34 am
112.5 Ten Things  
Ten hopes for 2016

1. Graduating with my psych degree
2. Getting into grad school
3. Spending more time with my best friend, Jace
4. Building more and more on my relationship with my gorgeous boyfriend, Max
5. Being the best big brother I can be to Kolbie
6. Taking a trip back to Chicago to visit my folks.
7. Understanding diabetes better.
8. FAO Schwarz trip with Max a la Big.
9. Doing something for the greater good in one way or another.
10. Taking some time out just to relax and enjoy life.
05 January 2016 @ 03:00 am
112.5. 10 things  
Ten things you have done over the holidays

1. Armondo, in the hot tub
2. Montrel, on the beach
3. Leone, in a Ferrari
4. Geovanni, on a gondola in the Grand Canal
5. Luigi, Mile High Club
6. Gabriele, skinnydipping in Villasimius
7. Cristoforo, at his brother's wedding
8. Salvatore, in front of an open fire in Sweden
9. Bruno, under the mistletoe
10. Kevin, ringing in the New Year

Matteo Lorenzi
original character
02 January 2016 @ 03:01 pm
112.5. Ten Things  
Ten hopes for 2016

1) Live in the moment in every way but my art
2) A relationship that rocks my world
3) Happiness and healthiness for my family and friends
4) Cross more off my Bucket List
5) A cool road trip somewhere awesome
6) Visit family in Italy and Ireland
7) Launch my bigger gallery
8) See every performance my baby brother does
9) Go hot air ballooning
10) Find love that has passion and laughs

nick matheson
[ original character ]
01 January 2016 @ 02:52 pm
112.5. Ten Things  
Ten hopes for 2016

1. Figure this New York thing out
2. That I'm not too homesick
3. Work hard at Joffrey
4. Spend more time with my new friends
5. That my brother finds the happy relationship he wants
6. That they make a male ballet emoji
7. Travel somewhere new
8. Try not to miss Florida beaches too much
9. Keep saving for my trip one day to the Dolphin Discovery Centre
10. Learn how to cook better

harry matheson
~ original character ~
27 December 2015 @ 08:01 pm
111.5 - 10 things  
Ten things that cheer you up

1 - Aussie Christmases
2 - Fast cars
3 - Sex in fast cars
4 - Dad jokes
5 - The beach
6 - Meeting fans
7 - Pranking the other half
8 - Classic rock
9 - Winning Guitar Hero
10 - Morning sex

fraser donovan
( original character )
23 December 2015 @ 12:36 am
111.5. 10 things  
Ten memories with someone who shaped your life

1. When I was 3, coming to sleep in my bed so the boogey monster wouldn't get me
2. When I was 3, setting up pots and pans instruments for me and telling me to make as much noise as I wanted to
3. When I was 4, being carried on his shoulders so I wouldn't get wet feet
4. When I was 5, standing on his toes to learn how to dance
5. When I was 6, teaching me how to fish at the lake
6. When I was 7, being literally covered in calamine lotion when I got chicken pox
7. When I was 8, sitting on his knee watching Santa Claus The Movie
8. When I was 13, the most awkward birds and the bees talk ever
9. When it all started, wondering what happened to him the first time I saw him drunk
10. When it was too late, the hugs, until he forgot I needed them

original character
04 December 2015 @ 11:30 pm
110.5. ten things  
Ten "favorites"

1. Dance: Rumba
2. Food: Cannolo Siciliano
3. Song: The Prayer
4. Movie: Billy Elliot
5. TV Show: Dancing With The Stars
6. Place: Venice, Italy
7. Animal: Panda
8. Book(s): Chronicles of Narnia
9. Drink: Chai Latte
10. Colour: Aqua

harry matheson
~ original character ~
04 December 2015 @ 01:13 am
109.5.3 - list  
Ten things that make your life worth living

1 - The joy of driving my IndyCar, and knowing that it's mine and that I've earned the honor of driving it, and that feeling that this is what I was made for.

2 - The love of a good man, who I'm still not sure I deserve.

3 - My relationship with my father, whether it's family dinner at the house in Daytona or just knowing I can walk down pit lane at the end of a race and find him waiting for me.

4 - The community of my fellow racers, just how much of a pleasure it is to see them at work every weekend, and how many of them I can call friends and some of them even heroes.

5 - Anything that has to do with cars. If it's got four wheels and a seat and I can play with it, I'm a happy girl.

6 - The sense of pride that has come with winning the Astor Cup, and the subsequent motivation to do even better.

7 - NBC Sports Network and the countless hours I've spent watching it. I think it's the only TV channel on in my house some days. Or weeks.

8 - Brownies. Also funnel cake.

9 - Every kind word that's been said by a fan, reporter, colleague or foe.

10 - The idea of having a family, and continuing on the Manning family legacy, and having beautiful children that I can share my love and success and experience with so that they can have one of these lists, too.

Shelby Manning Martin
Need for Speed OC
251 words
Current Mood: good
30 November 2015 @ 03:55 pm
109.5. ten things  
Ten things you find hard

1. Tolerating cunts
2. Listening to bullshit
3. Not staring at bad plastic surgery
4. Abstinence
5. Quitting smoking (never going to happen)
6. Babysitting
7. Avoiding temptation to put hits out on dickheads who hurt my family
8. Lew's fucking coffee machine
9. Apologising
10. Figuring this commitment thing out

clint chevalier
original character
29 November 2015 @ 06:30 am
109.5: Ten Things  
Ten Things That Make Your Life Worth Living

1. My parents
2. My big sister, Ange
3. My goal of becoming a police officer
4. Sex (Don't judge me. I'm 16. Like sex didn't make your life worth living at 16)
5. Ange's collection of 80s movies on DVD
6. Good music
7. My friends
8. Living in New York City
9. Practicing to get my drivers' license
10. Christmas
29 November 2015 @ 09:25 pm
109.5. Ten Things  
Ten things that make your life worth living

1) Family
2) Friends
3) Being a big brother
4) Art
5) Being an 'uncle'
6) Love
7) Travel
8) Passion
9) Human kindness
10) Seeing people happy

nick matheson
[ original character ]
25 November 2015 @ 12:11 am
108.5. Ten Things  
Ten photographs of things that matter to you


2 to 10... )

clint chevalier
original character