145.5. 10 things

Ten things people falsely assume about you

(1) That I'm somehow a loser delinquent because I have tattoos
(2) That I should have some fucked up past or daddy/mummy issues because I have tattoos
(3) That I'm a drug addict because I have tattoos
(4) That if I'm in a rock band, I can't have had a normal upbringing
(5) That because I'm not the lead singer, I desperately want to be the lead singer
(6) That I don't really play the guitar and it's just a prop
(7) That rock is the only music I should like
(8) That I'm related to the Queen because I'm British
(9) That I've got a dick piercing
(10) That every performance is booze-fuelled

brant fox
( original chracter )

145.5. ten things

Ten things you've learnt about yourself recently

1. I'm not straight
2. I had an epic crush without realising it
3. Stage fright won't kill me, even if it feels like it
4. I have more resilience than I realised
5. I love Vegemite
6. I see or feel things sometimes that I can't explain
7. I have an irrational fear of crabs... the, uh, crustacean sort
8. I have fucking awesome taste in guys
9. I can help be someone's carer
10. I don't want to be a teacher, I want to be a nurse

sasha stanford ( oc )

144.5. Ten Things

Ten things you want to say to someone

1. Sorry you ended up with me as a fucking twin
2. I'd literally fucking die for you
3. I think you're the best father any fucking kid could have
4. I'm fucking proud of you for what you survived
5. I hate that we lost our whole fucking lives not knowing we're brothers
6. Please never have a fucking sex injury, because this twin sense thing fucking sucks
7. If you ever need a fucking kidney, I'm there
8. Sorry I couldn't protect you from the fucking shit that still harmed you
9. We're gonna be fucking okay. Promise.
10. I fucking love you, alright?

clint chevalier
original character
orthodoxies: (Light it up)


Ten ways you want to better yourself.

1. Find a romantic partner that I can trust completely, instead of wondering what else he never told me.
2. Get a fresh start in another department where people aren't always looking at me like I did something wrong.
3. Apologize to my mother and my grandfather.
4. Move all of the things I don't need out of my apartment and into storage.
5. Finally make Global Elite in Counter-Strike.
6. Consider talking to someone about everything I've been through.
7. Learn how to cook.
8. Get a new hobby to help with my nerves (other than cooking, which will probably just increase them).
9. Figure out what I'm going to do with that new bed I just bought.
10. Discover a way to make peace with my not knowing the truth.

Grace Hollingsworth / OC

143.5. Ten Things

Ten moments in your life that shaped who you are today

1. Becoming a big brother
2. My best friend's suicide
3. Graduating and becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist
4. Choosing the path of Youth Mental Health
5. My twin coming out to me (even if I already knew)
6. My twin's violent attack by one of his patients
7. Every single moment a patient thanks me for helping them
8. Some cunt abusing my little brother
9. Talking a suicidal person down off a ledge
10. Belatedly discovering I'm pansexual

hunter alexander | original character

142.5 || Ten Reasons To Live

1) My little brother
2) Music
3) Meli
4) Zoran
5) Ange
6) My career as an attorney
7) Hopes for the future
8) My parents
9) Sex
10) Love

142.5. Ten Things

Ten things that frustrate you

1. Preggo. Hormones. 'Nuff said.
2. Dicks. Why the fuck can't you dudes leave them alone for 2 seconds?!
3. Doctors who never run on time.
4. Rude cab drivers. Like, fuck all of you off something tall.
5. No, I don't want you to touch my stomach if you're a stranger. Fuck off.
6. How hard is it not to get jelly or peanut butter in the butter?
7. Yes, I want all 2 dozen Krispy Kreme. Fuck off, I'm eating for 2.
8. Do I look like I want to have a chat with you through a bathroom stall wall?
9. Fuck off, Clitty, you can't play with my boobs. It's your fault they feel like great balls of fire.
10. Morning sickness is supposed to stop after 3 months, FFS!

angela ashwood
- original character -

142.5. Ten Things

Ten reasons to live

1 - Family first forever
2 - Being both a big sister and a little sister is awesome
3 - Working to save lives is the best job
4 - To see my baby brother "walk" up the aisle at his wedding
5 - Because Krispy Kreme exists
6 - Who else will punch assholes who hurt the people I love?
7 - I still have career goals
8 - I want to find love again, one that consumes me and excite me
9 - I want to see Wills as King
10 - I can't die until Game of Thrones finishes

Zelda Webster
Original Character
magicmelody: (019)

141.5. ten things

Ten wishes

1. To one day find my Soul Mate
2. That my partner in crime is gifted peace
3. That my main man falls in love so hard, his heart sings
4. That my ladies find happiness
5. That love truly wins
6. That LGBT+ people can enjoy as much PDA as they like without fear
7. That all artists with a creative soul learn to cherish their gift as their most important asset
8. That the world stops being so fucking miserable and remembers how to laugh sometimes
9. That the cockwaffles of the world get their heads lodged permanently up their asses and realise no one else's identity is their job to define
10. That kindness kills conflict

Melody Winters ~ Original Character

140.5. Ten

Ten ways you are energized

1. Hot fuck
2. Hot threesome
3. Hot orgy
4. Hot outdoor fuck
5. Hot beach fuck
6. Hot shower fuck
7. Hot pool fuck
8. Hot backseat fuck
9. Hot mile high fuck
10. Hot married fuck

clint chevalier
original character

140.5 - 10 Things

Ten ways to brighten someone's day

1. Make them a cuppa
2. Ask them to pull your finger
3. Send them flowers
4. Post a funny quote on their Facebook
5. Remember to change the toilet roll
6. Give them a cuddle
7. Send them a goofy selfie
8. Remind them of an awesome memory you share
9. Watch their favourite movie with them
10. Build them a blanket fort (I'm plagiarising your awesome, Sash!)

Zeke Wyatt
- Original Character

135.5. Ten Things

Ten things you consider your aesthetic

1. Fast cars
2. Stunt driving
3. Moody bars
4. Nice asses
5. Foggy open roads
6. Tattoos
7. Warm Krispy Kreme
8. Chocolate body paint
9. Leather pants
10. Loud music and steering wheel drumming

@ simon sinclair ( original chracter )

138.5. ten things

Ten things you wish you had done

1 ~ Found my mom sooner
2 ~ Been a bit more tactful when I first met Justin
3 ~ Said no to the cockwaffle I gave my virginity to
4 ~ Punched a certain ex of my brother's to see how he liked it
5 ~ Worried less about fitting in
6 ~ Not procrastinated about finding my other family
7 ~ Not chickened out on skydiving
8 ~ Not gotten so angry when I found out I was adopted
9 ~ Given more, it doesn't matter what
10 ~ Not doubt my talents

Amarlie-Rose Satori {Original Character}

138.5. Ten Things

Ten things you think about lying awake at night

1. Got drunk and had a threesome with my girl and another guy (wtf?)
2. Hoping no one takes advantage of my brothers
3. That Brodes never forgets to wrap
4. Missing my best pal
5. My patients, hoping they survive
6. Wishing there was a cure for mental illness
7. Wondering where I want my life to head
8. Will the next Twin Peaks really be as fucked up as the first?
9. Hoping I never lose someone else I love in a horrible way
10. I think I need a holiday

hunter alexander | original character

137.5. 10 Things

Ten things you want to achieve in 2017

1 - To survive Kiss a Ginger Day without bruises this year
2 - To hopefully succeed with my modelling career
3 - To come to like New York
4 - Try to tackle homesickness for London without wanting to run home
5 - Maybe meet someone special and fall in love
6 - Inject some time into a charity
7 - Never forget to keep in touch with my family back home
8 - More quality time with my BFF
9 - Not get a big head doing the job I do
10 - Make more friends here in New York

Paxton Carlyle
Original Character

137.5 || Ten Things

Ten things you want to achieve in 2017

1. A better relationship with my daughter
2. A better relationship with my son
3. Being there for my brother through his fight with (and victory over) cancer
4. Remarrying my husband
5. Seeing my dad with his grandkids
6. Higher readership that ever at FABULOUS
7. Multiple orgasms on a more regular basis again, like what I got as a welcome to London, thanks to my gorgeous husband, Mark
8. More moments of enjoying the small things.
9. More charity involvement through the magazine, and privately.
10. Smile more.

137.5. Ten Things

Ten unexpected moments

1. Meeting my new boyfriend
2. Finding out I had another sister
3. Getting a lead role by accident
4. Winning a Tony Award
5. Surprise 17th birthday party
6. Getting one of the best dads in the world
7. Having a mom who wanted to adopt me
8. Seeing how much people want to help once they know they can make a difference
9. Realising I've been trying to do a Bucket List
10. Pretty much every time I come back around still alive after a... thing

Justin Campbell
Original Character

137.5. Ten Things

Ten things you want to achieve in 2017

1 ~ Get to know my new family
2 ~ Hopefully not freak them out anymore
3 ~ Have some sort of... something with my biological mom
4 ~ Figure out if I want to take the early entry offer to design school
5 ~ Make up for lost time with my brother with annoying big sister moments
6 ~ Design for another charity fashion show
7 ~ Figure out who I am
8 ~ Work on honing my signature style
9 ~ Blog more
10 ~ Work on my YouTube channel

Amarlie-Rose Satori {Original Character}
pullmysteth: (- 091)

135.5. Ten Things

Ten things you consider your aesthetic

1. London by night
2. The crunching of feet in snow
3. Autumn leaves
4. Hot apple pie and ice cream
5. Pints in a cosy British pub
6. Progressive medicine
7. Long hugs
8. The prickle of hot shower water after a hard shift
9. Clean tumble-dried sheets
10. Rain on the roof at night

Dr. Riley Bryant || Original Character

134.5 - 10 Things

Ten things you are shamelessly addicted to

1) Books
2) Ice Hockey - Canucks \o/
3) Sleep
4) Getting A's
5) Snowboarding
6) Poutine
7) Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta
8) Binge-Kindle shopping
9) Aimlessly reading about useless shit on the internet
10) Stand-up comedy

- Jett Levesque -
Original Character