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Lance Valentine ([personal profile] afunnyvalentine) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-10-08 10:58 pm

129.5. 10 Things

Ten irrational fears you have

1. Clowns will eat me (c'mon, this is legit right now!)
2. Being sucked down a plane toilet
3. Sharks in swimming pools
4. Crapping myself in public
5. Getting a cockroach stuck in my ear when I'm sleeping
6. Being nailed into a coffin alive
7. Mick Taylor murdering me when I'm backpacking (I don't even backpack)
8. A snake biting my arse when I'm camping
9. Being stuck in an elevator with an axe murderer
10. My playlist getting forever stuck on Miley Cyrus

Lance Valentine - Original Character

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