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Domino Chance (aka) Olympia Delane ([personal profile] shotofpuregold) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-11-06 11:26 pm

132.5. Ten

Ten things you wished you had said to someone

1 - I love you, not nearly enough
2 - You're a better person than I'll ever be
3 - I never regretted caring for you
4 - Life was never going to be the same without you
5 - As much as it drove me nuts, I would watch every series of The Simpsons on repeat with you all over again
6 - I'm sorry I couldn't save you
7 - I know you're gay
8 - You made me more proud than you ever knew
9 - I would have died if it meant you could live
10 - Goodbye

Domino Chance
Original Character

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