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Laura Brienne Meyer ([personal profile] thelawofrhythm) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-03-07 08:26 am

142.5 || Ten Reasons To Live

1) My little brother
2) Music
3) Meli
4) Zoran
5) Ange
6) My career as an attorney
7) Hopes for the future
8) My parents
9) Sex
10) Love
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And why the hell not?
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BS, BS, BS. What's the real reason? You're not getting laid because they broke up...?
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You know you've got to actually start to build though, right?
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I am so smarter. It takes a lot of brain cells to be Johnny Castle AND Buzz Lightyear.
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Who is a Scotsman who wears a kilt. So I get double points for that.
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Unless he's on nightshift. Then he has his moody bitch moments. You just sort of hand tea to him from afar and make sure the electric blanket is switched on.
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Oh my god, spooning is my favourite thing.
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Does this mean we're not cutting Hunter's balls off?
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Goddamnit. I'm sure he has very nice balls. They would have been so much fun to cut off.
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Apparently he's pretty hot naked.