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131. 5: Ten Things

10 Things You Would Never Do

1. Lie to my baby brother.
2. Turn my back on the people I love.
3. Leave Zoran and the band permanently.
4. Get anything pierced that is covered by panties.
5. Introduce any kid ever to the Song that Never Ends.
6. Cheat at Monopoly (though my brother swears I do)
7. Cheat on a partner.
8. Give up music.
9. Give up law.
10. Put up with self-righteous cunts (beyond what is necessary for work).
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You forgot 11. Never fuck my brother.
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Yeah, about that...
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Meli's dating someone.
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That just came to a natural end after the miscarriage. She's kind of hooked up with Hunter, our new keyboardist. She swooped in all Florence Nightingale when he was sick at his audition.
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Have you seen him? I would've fallen for him if I wasn't so fucking complicated.
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Probably. He's ripped. They had matching Halloween costumes, so it's SRS BSNS.

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I don't think he would've ripped it off himself, though...
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They actually waited, though, and he was cool with that. She couldn't do anything after the miscarriage, and he was a complete gentleman about it. Didn't freak him out, he didn't get the shits and throw a tantrum like a big pussy.
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Nope, he's a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Youth Mental Health. He works at Four Winds.
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Hard blow, darlin'?
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Your feelings. C'mon, I know you both better than I know myself.
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I dunno, bub. Happy's a foreign concept to me these days. I think it's a slippery sucker to define. If you wanna use it as just a label, sure. But in my experience, labels act just like band-aids do. I see how she looks when he walks in the room, though. And I see how his eyes go straight to her. At the end of the day, ain't that what it's all about?
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Hey, c'mon, bitch. You don't know what she's thinking. We ain't ever supposed to know what someone else is thinking. We do too much of trying to figure someone else's thoughts out, and not enough of figuring out own out.
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Says who? She didn't know, so it can't be her? You're really imposing restrictions on something before you even gave it a chance to be something? She's got a boyfriend now 'cause she had no better offers at the time. And Hunter didn't resist.
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I missed me too. Talk to her, get to know Hunter. He's a good guy, love. It'll be impossible for you not to like him. He's Justin's counsellor. He found his trans best friend dead when he committed suicide. You can't forget, this is Meli we're talking about. She's one of the most understanding folk in the whole world. There's a reason she's the only person I kept close to me for a long time.
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You won't be able to not like him. I'm not trying to play his biggest fanboy here. He's just genuinely a lovely guy. You got scared. Darlin', everyone gets scared of shit in life. It's human nature. Fear is our worst fucking enemy.
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He does. He does, and I know she feels like she doesn't deserve the attention and romance. He brought her flowers to one of our jam sessions, and she just looked stunned. Sure it does. It'll stop you making the same mistakes in the future.
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I think Hunter just saw that, and didn't let it pass him by. We all could probably take a leaf outta his book. Why not?
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Oh. That old story. Yeah, I know that one by heart.
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Not wanting anyone else to break part of you again. I get it.