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Detective Euan Fitzpatrick ([personal profile] lovesguinness) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2016-12-01 01:11 am

134.5. Ten Things

Ten dirty little secrets about you

1. I'm a closeted lesbian
2. I fucked a nun
3. And took a slash in their Holy Water
4. I'm a fuckin' serial killer in m'spare time
5. I deliberately leave pubes on the soap t'shit ya' off
6. I fuckin' double-dip those Doritos. Every fuckin' time.
7. Golden showers are me fave kink
8. I have orgies with grannies
9. I like askin' fashionistas what Walmart they got their shoes from
10. I've shot a bloke's dick off

Euan Fitzpatrick (Original Character)

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