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Brant Julius Fox ([personal profile] burningeffigy) wrote in [community profile] muserevival2017-04-22 12:37 am

145.5. 10 things

Ten things people falsely assume about you

(1) That I'm somehow a loser delinquent because I have tattoos
(2) That I should have some fucked up past or daddy/mummy issues because I have tattoos
(3) That I'm a drug addict because I have tattoos
(4) That if I'm in a rock band, I can't have had a normal upbringing
(5) That because I'm not the lead singer, I desperately want to be the lead singer
(6) That I don't really play the guitar and it's just a prop
(7) That rock is the only music I should like
(8) That I'm related to the Queen because I'm British
(9) That I've got a dick piercing
(10) That every performance is booze-fuelled

brant fox
( original chracter )

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